Sara at TEDxWollongong, Australia, October 2013, presenting her work on Musical Cities

Sara Adhitya is an urban designer and researcher with a multidisciplinary background in environmental design, architecture, urbanism, music and sound design. She collaborates with design, research, governmental and non-profit organizations around the world towards improving the quality of our urban environments. Awarded a European doctorate in ‘Quality of Design’ of Architecture and Urban Planning (EHESS Paris, IUAV Venice,ircam-centre pompidou, 2013), her work is concerned with the spatio-temporal composition of the urban environment. CURRENTLY a Research Associate at University College London, she explores the multisensorial design of our environments WITH THE UNIVERSAL COMPOSITION LABORATORY AS well as a number of international collaborators from fields RANGING from urban planning to fashion design. Her aim is to collaboratively compose more liveable and sustainable cities through an understanding of their urban rhythms.